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Veiva Scientific is dedicated to transforming lives through high-quality , innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.



Partner with multinationals as importers to position,market & distribute their products / therapies


BrosMed Medical is a leading medical device design and manufacturing company. BrosMed Medical develops and manufactures medical devices primarily used by interventional cardiologists, radiologists and vascular surgeons in minimal invasive devices. Brosmed Medical provides solutions to customers through continuous development of innovative design and technologies.

Corindus Vascular Robotics

Corindus Vascular Robotics, Inc. is a global technology leader in robotic-assisted percutaneous coronary and vascular procedures. The Company’s FDA-cleared CorPath System is the first medical device that offers interventionalists procedure control from a radiation protective interventional cockpit. With the CorPath System, Corindus Vascular Robotics brings robotic precision to procedures to help physicians potentially provide better clinical outcomes and minimize the costs associated with complications through improper stent placement with manual procedures.

Nipro Logo

Nipro Japan has been active in developing and introducing medical technology and equipment, primarily involving valves & catheters, for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Such technology and equipment enable revolutionary, less-invasive, safe and more efficient cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment systems. Nipro’s Catheter based techniques are already well established in Japan and other parts of the world. Nipro continues to develop the most advanced medical techniques and equipment which are being fine-tuned to achieve less invasive, safer, more effective and more efficient diagnosis and treatment.


Spectranetics develops, manufactures, markets and distributes medical devices used in minimally invasive procedures within the cardiovascular system. Spectranetic’s clinical solutions are trusted in over 65 countries and are used to treat arterial blockages in the heart and legs and to remove pacemaker and defibrillator leads. The company was founded on and remains dedicated to product innovation, continually investigating new ways to meet the demands of the most challenging minimally invasive cardiac lead removal and vascular intervention procedures.


Adept Medical is New Zealand’s leading specialist plastics manufacturer to the medical market. Adept designs and manufactures a range of proprietary products and offer them to the global healthcare industry. Veiva Scientifc has partnered with Adept Medical to market their range of Cathlab Interventional Access solutions:
STAR SYSTEM : For Radial Access & Support
FEMORAL TABLE : For Femoral Access Procedures
IR TABLE : For Vascular & Interventional Radiology Procedures


A German company specializing innovative compression systems for arterial Puncture sites and Pacemaker / ICD pockets. Andanza develops, manufactures and offers the Premofix range of high quality Puncture site compression devices. The Premofix range of products are very effective, provide MRSA protection, patient friendly and are approved for use in all types of Femoral and Radial artery compression and for Pacemaker/ ICD pocket aftercare and compression.


Medical Index presents the most comprehensive variety of safest, highest quality, lightest and most comfortable radiation aprons – suitable for all medical professions and procedures. These radiation aprons provide the best and safest protection for medical staff as well as patients that may be exposed to ionising radiation during medical imaging procedures using x-rays, such as computed tomography, fluoroscopy, radiography.

Medical Index’s radiation aprons are available in three protection materials:
1. Vector X – the first lightest “low lead” material that meets current and future standards.
2. Lead free – the first lightest “lead free” material that meets current and future standards.
3. Lead – the traditional “lead” material that meets current and future standards.

Medical Index’s radiation aprons can be easily cleaned with strong disinfectant solutions:
1.MATRIX is a new developed surface material that can be used to clean with strong disinfectant solutions, i.e. Betadine, and is washable of up to 95 Degree C.
2.Various colour options with the MATRIX surface material are available.

Medical Index’s radiation aprons meet current and future global standards:
1.The New international standard IEC 61331-3: 2014 – demanding radiation aprons “to protect persons against X-Radiation from 50kVP of up to 150kVp during radiological examinations and interventional procedures.”

Medical Index is also certified with CE 0123, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


Founded in Germany in 2003, Occlutech has developed into one of the world’s leading companies in structural heart disease over the past decade, developing and supplying ASD, PFO, LAA, PLD and PDA occluders, accessories and a range of innovative special cardiac implant products to more than 80 countries around the world. With over 50.000 implants performed Occlutech is active through its own sales force in Germany, the UK, Italy, France and Scandinavia and through a strong network of distribution partners in the rest of the world.
Occlutech has R&D and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Sweden and Turkey. This allows for fast growth, a flexible, high-paced R&D effort and an efficient lean manufacturing operation, ensuring that products remain affordable while allowing new investment in the company’s development pipeline.


Z-Medica, LLC is a medical device manufacturer based in Wallingford, CT that is focused on the development, sale, and marketing of innovative hemorrhage control products for healthcare providers, military personnel, the law enforcement community, first responders, and consumers around the globe. For over a decade, Z-Medica has helped save lives and improve medical outcomes with a growing portfolio of QuikClot® hemostatic products that include Control+™, 4x4 Hemostatic Dressing, Radial®, Interventional®, Combat Gauze®, Belt Trauma Kit®, and Bleeding Control Bag®. QuikClot products are manufactured in the United States

Scatter Armor

Scatter Armor Shields provide scatter radiation protection for radial and many other types of procedures. Placed on top of the patient drape to block scatter radiation at the source, Scatter Armor creates a scatter-free zone, reducing harmful radiation exposure to the doctor or clinician.



Partner with manufacturers to brand, position and market quality medical devices


Reivas is a Sirolimus Eluting Drug Coated Stent on a Cobalt Chromium platform. Reivas with its widespread deployment history is proven for its acute outcomes in form of deliverability and safety. Reivas is now manufactured by Veiva Scientific.


Reivas Epitome is our latest Everolimus Eluting Drug Coated Stent on a Cobalt Chromium platform. Reivas Epitome is manufactured by Veiva Scientific in house and comes with enhanced deliverability and trackability.


Urology Product portfolio of Veiva Scientific has been developed in partnership with Bengaluru Biomedicals Pvt Ltd (BAN BIO). Bengaluru Biomedicals Pvt Ltd (BAN BIO) provides end-to-end solutions for designing, developing and manufacturing the complete range of medical devices used in urology. BAN BIO is one of the most established manufacturer in the urology segment, developing and manufacturing innovative products with superior clinical outcomes.Veiva Scientific, in partnership with BAN BIO, is committed to offer the best-in-class products & services, through Veiva Urocare. Some of the well established products of Urocare include Double J stents, Ureteral Catheter, PCN Catheter, Malecot Catheter etc.



Associate as channel partners with medical device companies for a specific territory or Pan – India


Stryker’s Neurovascular division strives to propel the field of stroke care through continuous, purposeful innovation that powers meaningful outcomes. Focused on advancing the practice of less invasive stroke therapies through its Complete Stroke Care solutions, Stryker is dedicated to providing best-in-class solutions for ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke care, education and clinical support. Products include: stent retriever, detachable coils, stents, balloons, guidewires and microcatheters.


Philips IGTD is the global leader in intravascular imaging for coronary and peripheral applications, and physiology. The company's broad range of technologies makes imaging and therapy simpler, more informative and less invasive and offers physicians and their patients around the world with industry-leading tools that aid diagnosis and guide and provide therapy. Founded in cardiovascular care and expanding into other specialties, Philips IGTD is focused on improving patient and economic outcomes


Insightra Medical is an innovative medical device company headquartered in California and specilaized in developing niche products based on proprietory design. Insightra Medical develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of surgical and interventional devices. VeivaSceintific has partnered with Insightra to market & distribute their range of Ultra IABP Balloon Catheters in India. The Ultra IAB Balloon catheter is one of the most trusted names in IABP technology across the world.